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ITIL 4 On-Demand: ITIL 4 Foundation Certification


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ITIL 4 On-Demand: ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Course Outline

***Note: This is an On-Demand, Self-Study Class, 1 day of content, 6-months unlimited access, $895***
You may take this course at any time, there are no set dates. (Applicable State and Local taxes may be added for On-Demand purchases, depending on your location.)

About this Course
This On-Demand (self-study) training course includes videos, expert lectures, PowerPoint visuals, and demonstrations. You will be able to access the course from any device, provided you have internet access.

This course will introduce students to version 4 of the ITIL Foundation course and will cover digital transformation, key concepts, service value and the Service Value Chain & Practices.

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When you purchase this ITIL 4 On-Demand course from ONLC you will receive a printed ITIL 4 Foundation Exam Study Guide.

ONLC includes one exam voucher with our ITIL Foundation course. Students receive the voucher upon request and should use it to pay for their ITIL exam at PeopleCert. The exam can be taken at one of their approved testing centers or online. For details visit:

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Course Outline

Chapter 01
Lesson: ITIL Foundation, “Set the Stage”
Digital Transformation as an Enabler
The New World is ‘VUCA’
Holistic View of the Goal
The Goal – Optimizing Value
Using the Service Value Chain
The Journey

Chapter 02 - Digital Transformation
Lesson: Digital Transformation Basics
What is Digital Transformation?
Digital Transformation: Basic Principles
Digital Transformation: Areas of Growth
Digital Transformation & Critical Infrastructure
Digital Transformation: CEO Perspective
Digital Transformation: Attributes of the Digital Enterprise
Digital Transformation: Key Technologies
Lesson: Digital Transformation & Service Management
Becoming “Digital”
Optimized Rate of Change
Outside-in, Putting Customers First
Role of ITIL in Digital Transformation

Chapter 03 - Key Concepts
Lesson: Creating Value with Services
Value: Outcomes, Costs & Risks
Value & Value Co-creation
Other Stakeholders
Lesson: Products & Services
Aspects of Products & Services
Components of Service Offerings
Lesson: Service Relationships
Service Relationships
Service Relationships: Outcomes, Costs & Risks
Service Relationship Model
Achieving Value: Outcomes, Costs & Risks
Utility & Warranty

Chapter 04 - Service Value
Lesson: Guiding Principles
Introducing ITIL Guiding Principles
ITIL Guiding Principles Overview
Focus on Value
Apply the Principle: Focus on Value
Start Where You Are
Applying the Principle: Start Where You Are
Progress Iteratively with Feedback
Applying the Principle: Progress Iteratively with Feedback
Collaborate & Promote Visibility
Applying the Principle: Collaborate & Promote Visibility
Think & Work Holistically
Applying the Principle: Think & Work Holistically
Keep it Simple & Practical
Applying the Principle: Keep it Simple & Practical
Optimize & Automate
Applying the Principle: Optimize & Automate
Principle Interaction
Lesson: Four Dimensions of Service Management
The Four Dimensions of Service Management
Organizations & People
Information & Technology
Partners & Suppliers
Value Streams & Processes
Lesson: Service Value System
System Produces Service Value
Principle Interaction
Governance as a Practical Matter
Service Value Chain (SVC)
Practices & Continual Improvement
Lesson: Service Value Chain
The Service Value Chain
Plan – Input/Output Flow
Improve – Input/Output Flow
Engage – Input/Output Flow
Design & Transition
Design & Transition – Input/Output Flow
Obtain/Build – Input/Output Flow
Deliver & Support
Deliver & Support – Input/Output Flow

Chapter 05 - Service Value Chain & Practices
Service Value Chain & Practices
Service Value Chain & the Practices - Introduction
Service Value Chain as a Theme
General Management Heatmap
Service & Technical Management Heatmap
Lesson: SVC Plan Practices
SVC Plan – Practice Areas Heat Map
Continual Improvement – SVC Plan
Continual Improvement – Practice Area Details
Continual Improvement Model
Service Level Management – SVC Plan
Service Level Management – Practice Area Details
Information Security Management – SVC Plan
Service Continuity Management – SVC Plan
Relationship Management – SVC Plan
Availability Management – SVC Plan
Supplier Management – SVC Plan
SVC Plan – Practice Fit
Lesson: SVC Improve Practices
SVC Improve – Practice Areas Heat Map
Continual Improvement** – SVC Improve
Change Control – SVC Improve
Change Control – Practice Area Details
Problem Management – SVC Improve
Problem Management – Practice Area Details
Capacity & Performance Management – SVC Improve
Information Security Management* – SVC Improve
Service Continuity Management* – SVC Improve
Relationship Management* – SVC Improve
SVC Improve – Practice Fit
Lesson: SVC Engage Practices
SVC Engage – Practice Area Heatmap
Continual Improvement** – SVC Engage
Incident Management – SVC Engage
Incident Management – Practice Area Details
Service Request Management – SVC Engage
Service Request Management – Practice Area Details
Service Desk – SVC Engage
Service Desk – Practice Area Details
Service Level Management** – SVC Engage
Information Security Management* – SVC Engage
Relationship Management* – SVC Engage
Supplier Management* – SVC Engage
SVC Engage – Practice Fit
Lesson: Design & Transition Practices
SVC Design & Transition – Practice Area Heatmap
Continual Improvement** – SVC Design & Transition
Change Control** – SVC Design & Transition
Service Configuration Management – SVC Design & Transition
IT Asset Management – SVC Design & Transition
Release Management – SVC Design & Transition
Deployment Management – SVC Design & Transition
Information Security Management* – SVC Design & Transition
Service Continuity Management* – SVC Design & Transition
Relationship Management* – SVC Design & Transition
Supplier Management* – SVC Design & Transition
SVC Design & Transition – Practice Fit
Lesson: SVC Obtain/Build Practices
Introduction – SVC Obtain/Build
SVC Obtain/Build – Practice Area Heatmap
Continual Improvement** – SVC Obtain/Build
Change Control** – SVC Obtain/Build
Information Security Management* – SVC Obtain/Build
Service Continuity Management* – SVC Obtain/Build
IT Asset Management* – SVC Obtain/Build
Service Configuration Management* – SVC Obtain/Build
Deployment Management* – SVC Obtain/Build
Supplier Management* – SVC Obtain/Build
SVC Obtain/Build – Practice Fit
Lesson: SVC Deliver & Support Practices
SVC Deliver & Support – Practice Area Heatmap
Continual Improvement** – SVC Deliver & Support
Change Control** – SVC Deliver & Support
Incident Management** – SVC Deliver & Support
Problem Management** – SVC Deliver & Support
Service Request Management** – SVC Deliver & Support
Service Desk** – SVC Deliver & Support
Monitoring & Event Management – SVC Deliver & Support
Information Security Management* – SVC Deliver & Support
Service Continuity Management* – SVC Deliver & Support
Supplier Management* – SVC Deliver & Support
SVC Deliver & Support – Practice Fit

Chapter 06 - Course Summary
Key Concepts
Service Value & Service Relationships
Service Relationship Model
Guiding Principles
Four Dimensions of Service Management
Service Value System
Service Value Chain
Practice Areas SVC Plan
Practice Areas SVC Improve
Practice Areas SVC Engage
Practice Areas SVC Design & Transition
Practice Areas SVC Obtain/Build
Practice Areas SVC Deliver & Support

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